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THE BOOK OF EVE - Innocence



The first in the trilogy. 18 year old Romany Gypsy, Eve O'Sullivan, is spending her gap year working in Paris.  Wishing on an evening star for romance and adventure she soon has mysterious twin brothers, Laurent and Olivier, vying for her affection.


Ancient truths of witchcraft, architectural secrets and historical figures are revealed and Eve learns that Paris is a city over-run with vampires and werewolves.


The twins believe that she can help them to prove the innocence of their father, who is due to stand trial in Venice.  Time is running out and to help free their father they must retrieve "The Malleus" - a nail with magical properties, made by a gypsy blacksmith thousands of years ago, that was intended to be used in the crucifixion of Christ. 


It seems that Eve’s Romany Gypsy blood is a magnet to supernatural beings and she finds herself caught up in an ancient feud with all sides on the brink of war.  Realising she is falling in love with both the sensitive brooding Laurent and playboy Olivier, she must act quickly to save their father and decide where her heart really lies.


Much more than just fangs and claws, The Book of Eve – Innocence, is the first book of the anticipated trilogy, where we meet Eve and follow her through her trials with supernatural beings.  It is a deeply touching love story that will leave you eager to see where her journey will take her.


ISBN 978-0-9567217-1-6


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